Fresh Corn Tortillas
Fresh Corn Tortillas
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Made with white corn, our 15cm corn tortillas are an essential for making street style tacos and other antojitos and when a little older fry for taquitos, totopos and tostadas.

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Cool Chile Co. says:

Please note our tortillas are preservative free and must be refrigerated on receipt. Tortillas must be served warm, see reheat instructions below.


Water, ground nixtamalized white corn flour, sea salt

Storage Information

Keep refrigerated. Once open, wrap and consume by use by date. Suitable for freezing (freeze on day of purchase and consume within 1 month). To cook from frozen, prise one tortilla off at a time and heat in a hot pan on both sides or defrost in the packet overnight in the fridge.

Shelf Life

Minimum 2 days

Nutritional Information

Typical valuesper 100g
of which saturates0.3g

Cooking Instructions

Reheating corn tortillas: - For best results griddle tortillas one at a time in a dry pan, toast both sides until warmed through and little brown spots appear if desired. - Use a little spray of water to help re hydrate the tortillas as they reheat if a few days old. - If necessary tortillas can be kept warm for about 15-20 minutes after reheating by stacking them in a folded clean tea towel, top and serve promptly.

Fresh Corn Tortillas

Cool Chile Co.

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Meet Cool Chile Co.

We began small, importing a handful of chilli varieties and selling them from our market stall, first in Portobello Market and

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