Italian Fig Jam



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We use figs from the Avellino area to create this delicate, sweet jam. Italians often pair their conserves and honeys with local cheeses for a unique and surprising antipasto. Our fig jam is delicious with a strong cheese such as pecorino. We also recommend you try it on toasted Fibrano bread for a luxurious breakfast treat, or explore the Crosta & Mollica Kitchen for our Fig Jam ice cream recipe.

Crosta & Mollica says

Our food is our passion. We make great Italian food that brings friends and family all together.


Figs, Sugar, Gelling Agent: Fruit Pectin, Lemon Juice.

Storage Information

Refrigerate after opening.

Shelf Life

Minimum 30 days

Meet Crosta & Mollica


Crosta & Mollica's journey began when their founder James was in Italy, working with farmers to source the best fresh produce for retailers back home. The farming families would often serve up delicious local specialities to the farm workers and guests at lunchtime. Meals were eaten all together and were a time to share good food and company. Wonderful breads became a mealtime favourite for James, and soon he was seeking out local mills and bakeries so that he could bring their delicious produce back to the UK. Translated from the Italian for ‘crust & crumb,’ Crosta & Mollica was founded with a desire to make great Italian food that brings friends and family all together. Years later, they're still dedicated to help you discover the finest bakery products and regional specialities Italy has to offer.

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