Our foaming oven cleaner removes fat, grease and burnt on food from ovens, grills and griddles. It clings well to vertical surfaces and is safe to use on all surfaces including stainless steel. The product is high foaming, rapid action, caustic free, fume free and has pleasant odour.

Produced in:Manufactured in the UK


Delphis Eco says:

Directions: Remove loose carbon with a scraper. Warm oven to between 40oC-60oC. Switch off before application. Spray directly onto surface, leave for minimum 5 minutes contact time and wipe clean. 


5-10% DISODIUM METASILICATE, <5% ALKYL POLY GLYCOSIDE C8-C10 Compliant with EC Detergent Regulation 648/2004 on Biodegradability.

Foaming Oven Cleaner

Delphis Eco

1 Bottle (700ml)


Meet Delphis Eco


Here at Delphis Eco we manufacture award winning green cleaning chemicals...nothing else! We are the only company to exclusively manufacture our entire product range in the UK and we were the first to get the EU Ecolabel accreditation for cleaning products. In fact, we have the largest accredited product range available...and it's growing! Our commitment to sustainable cleaning has seen us become the first chemical company to partner with Keep Britain Tidy and Eco-Schools, The Sustainable Restaurant Association, and the Green Tourism Business Scheme.

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