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Kelp, or kombu, packs a serious umami punch and is an essential component in Japanese dashi.

Some of the largest of all seaweeds are kelps which can grow up to 30 metres. Kelps grow in colonies known as kelp forests which play host to a rich variety of other organisms and constitute an entire and unique ecosystem.

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Forager says:

This detoxifying sea vegetable is found along North Atlantic shores and is valued for its rich, smoky and salty flavour. It makes a tasty and nutritious stock, or can be boiled and served as a vegetable in its own right.

Bake for 5 minutes at 180

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Dried Kelp

Kelp Seaweed (Dried)


1 Bag (30g)


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Canterbury, Kent

In 2003 French chef Blaise Vasseur, having witnessed the influence of wild plants on his native cuisine through chefs such as

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