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Locally sourced marsh samphire - a deliciously salty accompaniment for fish and lamb. Also makes a lovely addition to a new potato salad.

Produced in:Kent


Forager says:

Marsh samphire is more common than rock samphire (marsh samphire often simply going by the name 'samphire'), and grows along estuaries which gives it a distinctly sea-salt taste.Often found in marshes around Norfolk, but Essex and Kent also provide g

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Storage Information

Keep refrigerated. Wash before use.

Cooking Instructions

Cook by steaming or boiling the samphire for 2-3 minutes. Toss with butter and serve.

Marsh Samphire


1 Bag (100g)


Meet Forager

Canterbury, Kent

In 2003 French chef Blaise Vasseur, having witnessed the influence of wild plants on his native cuisine through chefs such as

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