Meadowsweet Vinegar

1 Bottle (100ml)



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  • Dairy-free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Plastic-free
  • Vegetarian


Cider vinegar infused with dried meadowsweet flowers. The creamy sprays of flowers give the plant the name Queen of the Meadow and were once used to flavour mead and ale (this gave rise to the original name of the plant - mead sweet, then meadowsweet).

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Forager says

Contains the almond / vanilla flavour coumarin as well as salicylic acid, from which aspirin was originally synthesised. Interestingly, whole plant extracts of meadowsweet can be safely consumed by people who react badly to aspirin. Use the vinegar in dressings and sauces, with fruit or as a tonic in a little water, to settle the stomach or in place of aspirin.


Organic cider vinegar, meadowsweet flowers.

Allergy Advice

It contains: Sulphites

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dark place.

Meet Forager

Canterbury, Kent

In 2003 French chef Blaise Vasseur, having witnessed the influence of wild plants on his native cuisine through chefs such as Michel Bras, asked Forager founder Miles Irving to supply wild plants to the newly opened Goods Shed in Canterbury. This spark ignited a wild food renaissance in the UK. Now, 14 years on, a team of highly skilled foragers are hand-picking wild flavours at their peak, full of vitality which speak of the season. This is ‘hyper-seasonality’- a step up from seasonal eating of farmed produce! With over a decade's experience of supplying the best chefs in the UK, you can expect wild ingredients of the highest possible quality delivered to your doorstep to enrich and enliven your meals. By pairing these super-nutritious and flavoursome wild ingredients with the skills and knowledge possessed by talented chefs, these overlooked treasures have been elevated and put back on our plates.

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