Sea Purslane
Sea Purslane

A salty & succulent wild taste of the sea. Mix in with crushed new potatoes and serve alongside fish.

Produced in:Kent


Forager says:

These fleshy leaves are ideal in any recipe that needs salt and texture, and add a charming visual addition to any dish. Sage-like greyish-green raw and vibrant green when cooked.

Storage Information

Sea Purslane should be left on the branches and picked off as and when required. Will last 7 days or more refrigerated. Wash before use.

Cooking Instructions

To cook - blanch or steam very quickly (too long and the leaves turn dark green and the flavour becomes bitter) and dress with butter and/or lemon. Raw leaves are like a wild salty bar snack which your guests will be unable to keep their hands off!

Sea Purslane

1 Bag (50g), £45.00/kg


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