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No need to wait until Spring for your next batch of foraged pesto... Three Cornered Garlic is Autumn's answer to the ever-popular wild garlic.

Produced in:Kent


Forager says:

Sometimes known as wild leeks. The leaves are milder than ramsons (wild garlic); they are juicy and sweet and our preferred choice for salads. Use instead of chives or spring onions in mash.

Storage Information

Best used as quickly as possible. Refrigerate.

Cooking Instructions

The leaves make a lovely garlic butter. Chop, blanch, refresh and squeeze the leaves then blitz with a little white wine, salt and pepper. Then beat into softened butter and freeze in cling-filmed rolls for garlic butter year-round.

Meet Forager

In 2003 French chef Blaise Vasseur, having witnessed the influence of wild plants on his native cuisine through chefs such as

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