Woodland Raised Welsh Black Pork Ribeye Steak



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The rib-eye steak of pork. A gorgeous cut, beautifully marbled through out the meat. Tricker to cook than most pork, but your effort will be rewarded with amazing flavour, try reverse searing to master this cut.

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Forest Coalpit Farm says

All of our pork comes from our free-range pigs naturally reared in woodland and on pasture, able to forage, root, wallow and express their natural behaviours. Our pigs are fed barley, wheat and other grains, seasonal fruit and veg surplus from around the farm and they get up to a third of their feed from natural forage such as hazelnuts, blackberries, apples and acorns. Rare breed pigs grow slower and longer, unlike intensively reared animals, giving more intra-muscular fat meaning more flavourful, succulent pork.

We take our pigs to a trusted local abattoir and butchers which only dispatches a small number of pigs each week, keeping the stress to the animal as minimal as possible.

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Keep in original packaging & refrigerate

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Meet Forest Coalpit Farm


In 2014 we moved from our one-bed flat in London to a farmhouse with a little land in rural South Wales. For the first few months we concentrated on starting to turn our patch of paradise into a working farm; building pig arcs and pens; reinstating the dilapidated greenhouse and discovering the vegetable patch. We installed a rainwater system for the much-anticipated livestock and, of course, got a flock of laying hens. Then, in July 2015 the farm got its first pigs in 50 years and, with the help of half the village, Forest Coalpit Farm became a farm again. Before we arrived at Forest Coalpit Farm, we knew animal welfare and high quality produce were going to be the core values of our business. We strive to be sustainable and to take care of, enhance, and work with our patch of land and the wider environment. We want to make products to these standards that are also affordable and good value. Since we arrived we’ve planted a small, but beautiful forest (or at least it will be in 10 years time), with a view to reforesting land to make it useful and productive for our animals, ourselves and local flora and fauna. We planted an orchard, and we have introduced four bee hives, which pollinate the fruit and flowers on our land and the heather on the surrounding Black Mountains, and, happily, it makes wonderful honey too. We hope to continue to provide our customers with high-quality, good value, high-welfare products, happy in the knowledge that every product we sell is a product not bought from a facility that intensively rears animals

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