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Grown for a minimum of 81 days, the traditional breed birds reared at Fosse Meadows are free to roam grassy pastures and scratch about in the hedgerows expressing their natural behaviours and are fed an additive-free corn-rich diet. The result is a succulent free-range, slow-grown whole chicken with a wonderful depth of flavour, a world away from the ‘get big quick’ bird of the supermarket shelves.

Produced in:Leicestershire


Fosse Meadows Farm says:

Our farm rears traditional free range chicken for the table, the birds are kept in small coloured sheds in the meadows and allowed to range free on herb rich pastures free from any pesticides. Small sheds means that our birds live their lives natural

Storage Information

Keep refrigerated.

Shelf Life

Minimum 3 days

Cooking Instructions

Make the most of its superior taste and roast simply with lemon, thyme and rosemary for the perfect Sunday lunch. From humble pastry-topped pies to delicate Asian-salads, shred any leftovers into a versatile array of delicious dishes. Start by seasoning the skin for the bird with salt and pepper. To get a crispy skin the oven should be hot (between 180C-200C) to start for 20-30 minutes, after, place foil and roast for another 30-40 minutes, reduce the temperature to 160C-180C/320F-350F/Gas 3-4. The chicken is fully cooked when the juices run clear when the bird is pierced in the thigh with a skewer or fork. Due to the long life of the bird, the chicken requires longer and slower cooking times & temperatures then what you might expect from other birds. Rest for at least 20 minutes.

Meet Fosse Meadows Farm

‘Farmdrop is about transparency, choice and cutting out the rubbish. You see what you’re really getting.’

Nick Ball, Fosse Meadows

In 2009, fashion designer Nick Ball and property developer Jacob Sykes left London behind to begin a life of poultry farming.

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