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All turkeys delivered between 16th and 24th December will have a best before date of 26th December. This item is prepared on demand and cannot be changed or cancelled after 15th November. Our traditional free-range Bronze turkeys enjoy a natural diet and are grown slowly over 6 months (nearly twice as long as commercial supermarket turkeys). Raised to the highest welfare standards by farmers Nick and Jacob, these happy turkeys really live life on the wild side as they can’t get enough of scratching around the fenceless farm’s hedgerows. The turkeys are wet plucked.

Each turkey comes boxed with the giblets and garnished with herbs ready for the oven. Please note when buying your bird that the total weight always includes the giblets


We recommend 2 portions per kg. All our free range poultry is naturally reared. Weights are not absolutely precise

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Fosse Meadows Farm says

Traditional methods of production and a grass rich free range life. Succulent and flavoursome with fat marbling the flesh like an excellent steak

Storage Information

Always unwrap the bird and place it in the fridge until you are ready to cook. All turkeys delivered between 16th and 24th December will have a best before of 26th December, provided they are kept at the correct temperature

Shelf Life

Minimum 1 days

Meet Fosse Meadows Farm

Near Lutterworth, Leicestershire

In 2009, fashion designer Nick Ball and property developer Jacob Sykes left London behind to begin a life of poultry farming. Returning to Nick’s parents’ place outside the market village of Lutterworth in Leicestershire, they set out to farm slow­grown birds with a patience and dedication they felt was missing in the rest of the UK. Their chickens are grown over eighty ­one days – three times longer than an average supermarket chicken, five weeks longer than most free range and a couple of weeks longer than Organic Fosse Meadows started small, with free­roaming chickens living in brightly­coloured sheds. Having outgrown its current location, the farm is moving to New Kilworth and, while they’re sad to be leaving the family behind, Nick and Jacob are excited by their new location and what it represents for the business. ‘It’s picturesque and will give our birds even more freedom to roam,’ says Nick. Nick and Jacob also supply turkeys, geese and cockerels for Christmas – all reared with the same patience and freedom, giving the meat a great flavour and tenderness. As Nick says, ‘happy birds are tasty birds.’ The couple spend most of their time working or gardening, but they also like to have friends over to the farm for dinner, when they will cook a Coq Au Riesling, or ‘just a good simple roast with lots of garlic.’ >*‘Farmdrop is about transparency, choice and cutting out the rubbish. You see what you’re really getting.’* **Nick Ball, Fosse Meadows** ● Members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA) ● Slow­grown chickens with an additive­free diet ● A flock size of just 600, compared to over 20,000 on many UK farms

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