Fruit Pig's white pudding is like no white pudding out there. Cut slices in half and place next to half slices of our black pudding and hey presto! Yin-yang breakfast.

Produced in:Norfolk


Fruit Pig says:

Fully flavoured, our white pudding is a take on a Hogs Pudding. Oats, smoked bacon fat, fresh red onion, cumin and spices come together in this flavoursome white pudding.


Pork fat, OATS, dry-cured bacon (preservative E250), onions, water, salt, spices.

Allergy Advice

It contains: Gluten

Storage Information

2 weeks in the fridge or 6 months wrapped in the freezer

Shelf Life

Minimum 10 days

Cooking Instructions

Slice and remove outer skin, grill or fry both sides to 'crozzle' making sure inside is piping hot.

Meet Fruit Pig

Fruit Pig was started in 2008 by Matthew Cockin. Matthew had notched up 20 years in the RAF and was keen

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