Genie Kombucha – Dry Apple (MULTIPACK)

6 Bottles (275ml)


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  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free


Waiting inside your delicious Dry Apple kombucha are millions of live cultures especially for your gut

Genie Living Drinks says

We ferment our kombucha using the finest black tea using a centuries old recipe. We then add crisp apple juice to give a fermented apple cider kick (but without the alcohol!). Our kombuchas are unfiltered so are 100% vegan. Every Genie Kombucha is also free from any preservatives, e- numbers, added sugar or artificial sweeteners.


Kombucha 87% (water, black tea and kombucha cultures), apple juice (12%) , lemon juice, brandy vinegar, natural flavourings, bacillus coagulans cultures, antioxidant (ascorbic acid).

Meet Genie Living Drinks


Genie Living Drinks was founded in London in 2017 by old friends Alex and Bill. We were both obsessed by gut health and longed for tasty soft drinks that weren’t full of sugar and nasties. So we set out to create something that tasted great and actually did you good. Our first batch was made in Alex’s kitchen using Bill’s live cultures and Alex’s oranges and lemons. 18 months and lots of squeezed fruit later, our first Live Sodas were born. Delicious tasting, few ingredients, no added sugar AND good for your gut – it’s time to meet your Genie!

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