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Pasture Raised Goose



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All geese delivered between 16th and 24th December will have a best before date of 26th December. This item is prepared on demand and cannot be changed or cancelled after 15th November. These are goose royalty, having featured on Delia Christmas, The Two Fat Ladies, Rick Stein Christmas Special Food Heroes, Jamie Oliver's Christmas at Home AND The Archers. Geoff & Judy Goodman are two local farming stalwarts of the community, and have farmed at Walsgrove Farm in Great Witley since the late 1950s. The geese spend their lives in large open fields and meadows, feeding on a natural diet of homegrown wheat and foraging on wild herbs, worms and insects. These geese are succulent, tender and have an outstanding flavour. Dry plucked and game hung for 7-10 days helps intensify the flavour even more.

Each goose comes boxed with the giblets & a pack of goose fat with sage & rosemary ready for the oven. Please note when buying your bird that the total weight always includes the giblets and fat


We recommend 1-2 portions per kg. All our free range poultry is naturally reared. Weights are not absolutely precise

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Goodman's says

The goslings arrive on the farm annually in May or June as day olds from Norfolk Geese. They are raised indoors until about 4 weeks old when they are let outside to graze in the fields. We let the geese out onto grass at dawn so they can graze and then shut up again at dusk, to protect them from the foxes that inhabit the woodlands surrounding our farm.

We are very proud that all the geese are slaughtered and prepared on the farm. They are dry plucked and then game hung for 7-10 days in the cold rooms to help the meat intensify in flavour. They are then eviscerated and boxed with the giblets & a pack of goose fat with sage & rosemary ready for the oven. Delicious!

Storage Information and Shelf-life

Always unwrap the bird and place it in the fridge until you are ready to cook. All geese delivered between 16th and 24th December will have a best before of 26th December, provided they are kept at the correct temperature (0 to 2 degrees celsius).

Shelf Life

Minimum 2 days

Cooking Instructions

Remove your goose from the fridge and allow it to come to room temperature. Preheat your oven to 180C/350F/Gs 4. This may vary according to your oven. Pierce the skin of your goose in several places, aiming for the fattier parts of the bird. Stuff the main cavity with your choice of stuffing. We like to use roughly chopped argen prunes, bramley apples and onions. Cover the goose with buttered greaseproof paper or foil. Place the goose on a wire rack within an oven dish. It is really important to lift the Goose off the bottom of the roasting dish otherwise it will stew in the fat and become greasy. Cooking times: 4kg will take approx. 2 hours 5kg will take approx. 2 1/2 hours 6kg will take approx. 2 3/4 hours During the last 20 minutes of roasting remove the paper or foil and throw a generous glass of port all over the bird. Leave it to brown and let the skin crisp up. Remove from the oven and leave to rest somewhere warm for 20 minutes. Be sure to save the leftover fat from the pan as it is so valuable for so many dishes. This can be potted up and kept in a container in the fridge for a few months or stored in the freezer for longer.


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Meet Goodman's

Walsgrove Farm, Worcestshire

Goodman’s Geese is a diverse family run farm, located in the heart of the beautiful county of Worcestershire. Walsgrove Farm nestles between the Abberley Hills and Woodbury Hill in the Village of Great Witley. Family members include brothers Andrew and Michael Goodman, their parents Geoff & Judy with all the extended family helping during the busy times. The farm extends to 500 acres, which consists of 100 acres of grassland used for the 4500 geese, 4500 Bronze turkeys & 130 longhorn cattle all of which graze free range over the pasture land. 370 acres of land is used to grow arable crops including wheat, barley, oats, beans & oil seed rape which are used for feeding to the geese turkeys & cattle. The straw is used as bedding and recycled back onto the land as fertilizer. The aim of the family is to only sell products of the highest quality, focusing on the health & welfare of the poultry & cattle to produce the tastiest most succulent meat from animals that have been well looked after and happy

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