Japanese Salad Mix



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A blend of sweet pea shoots with zingy wasabi mustard and pink stem radish shoots. This Japanese mix will not just get your dishes vibrant of colours but also bring that mouth-tingling wasabi taste into salads.

Produced in:

Clapham, London

Growing Underground says

Our salad mixes are a combination of micro-herbs and pea shoots. Micro herbs are tiny salad leaves harvested just as they begin to sprout their first true leaf. These tiny leaves are packed with all the flavour and goodness of the full grown plant, and are grown year round at Growing Underground’s urban farm in London. We don’t wash them as these leaves are delicate and bruise easily, so handle with care when mixing together and rinsing them off.


Pea shoots, wasabi mustard, pink stem radish shoots.

Allergy Advice

It contains: Mustard

It may contain: Celery

Storage Information

Keep refrigerated. Wash gently before use.

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1 Punnet (30g)