Award-winning Gusto Organic Real Cola is the first organic-certified, lower calorie cola produced in the UK, sweetened with organic Fairtrade blue agave and organic certified erythritol. Gusto Organic Real Cola blends organic spices, essential oils and African kola nut with Devon spring water.


Gusto Organic says:

Our Real and Slim colas use the finest kola nut from the rainforests of Africa, and this balances the flavour of our organic cola, adding a bitter note to counterbalance the sweetness of the agave. Kola nut also mildly stimulates and revives you in a


Spring water, agave nectar, erythritol, caramel, lemon juice (from concentrate), natural flavourings, cola nut extract, natural sweetener (steviol glycosides), essential oils of lemon, orange, lime,neroli, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander.

Real Cola

1 Bottle (275ml)


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