Mushroom Pizza - 12"

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  • Suitable for freezing
  • Vegetarian


Mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seeds and chilli flakes with a soy truffle glaze

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Homeslice Pizza says

Using our signature dough we prepare a 12” base which we part bake in our wood- fired ovens. We then add our Homeslice sauces and specially selected ingredients before wrapping it all up for delivery or collection. The pizzas can be kept in the fridge or freezer until you are ready to cook them in your oven and finish with some unique Homeslice ingredients that come with the pizzas.


Wheat Flour, Yeast , Salt, Water, Mozzarella (Pasteurised Milk, Rennet), Garlic, Chilli flakes, Olive Oil, Chesnut &, Oyster Mushroom, Ricotta (Cow milk), Roasted pumpkin seeds, Chives, Black pepper, Double Cream, Sugar, Soy, White truffle oil, Coloring E150c, Vinegar, Flavour E510,Thickener E407, E412, Spices

Allergy Advice

It contains: Gluten, Milk, Soya

Storage Information

Keep refrigerated.

Shelf Life

Minimum 2 days

Cooking Instructions

1.Pre heat your oven to 190 degrees celsius 2. Take a pre-heated baking tray 2. Carefully place the pizza on the pre-heated tray and bake for 8-10 minutes (cooking times may vary dependent on your oven). Sprinkle the finishing toppings and drizzles on the pizza once cooked. To cook from frozen, bake for 18-20 minutes at 190 degrees celsius.

Meet Homeslice Pizza


Homeslice began life in 2011 with a hand-built mobile wood-fired oven. We launched Homeslice with an event at London Fields Brewery and sold out within hours. Having gained real momentum serving up slices at markets and festivals with Kerb, Street Feast and Frieze, this resulted in our residency at Kings Cross Filling Station in 2012. When Mark Wogan discovered Homeslice, the idea of moving to bricks and mortar came about. Through his background in the restaurant industry and his passion for simple food done well, Mark dovetailed with what Homeslice were trying to achieve. So, with Mark’s brother Alan looking after the business side of things, we began work establishing our first restaurant at 13 Neal’s Yard in the early part of 2013. With a shared vision of retaining Homeslice’s original simplicity, the aim was to balance tradition with innovation, offering people our take on the classics alongside more unique flavour combinations. The result was a simple menu of pizza, beer and wine with quality, seasonal produce at its heart, served in a relaxed, friendly space.

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