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Proper Food Collective says

Organic native breed pork from the team at Proper Food Co butchery. Pork is sourced from two organic farms; Tamworths from Jonny and Rachael Rider at Horton House in Wiltshire and Saddleback crosses from Helen and Sam Wade at Eastleach Downs in the Cotswolds.

Both farmers manage an organic and 100% free range system. This means that the sows and all progeny live outside for their whole lives. The pigs graze the pastures and cover crops, playing a vitally important role in cultivating the land and building soil fertility.

These are exciting times; by grazing their pigs and transitioning to a natural diet of home grown forage free from soya, both farmers are playing a leading role in the drive to improve pork standards.


Organic Pastured Pork

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Keep in original packaging & refrigerate. Remove from packaging & rest at room temperature before cooking.

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Minimum 3 days

Meet Proper Food Collective


Proper Food Collective is a mini farmer cooperative of sorts. A collaboration of two radical British dairy farms in partnership with a new micro butchery in Twickenham, SW London. The purpose of the collective is to champion the virtues of cow-calf dairying, low impact pasture based farming and the principles of regenerative agriculture. Furthermore, to showcase these dairy farms as food ecosystems in themselves; producers of a range of high quality nutritious foods. By working to “close the loop”, we are setting out to value all outputs from our farmers and minimise waste. The range of products being offered by Proper Food Collective reflect exactly what is happening on these two special farms. Horton House Farm are known to Farmdrop customers by now as suppliers of Certified 100% Pasture for Life and Organic rosy veal, dairy cow beef, hogget and tamworth pork. Farmers Jonny and Rachael Rider say; We are founder members of a new Pasture for Life initiative focussed on developing the concept for pasture fed and suckled veal, from the “cow with calf” dairy system. Three generations of the Rider family have been rotational grazing on these extensive organic pastures, rich with a mix of grass species and herbal leys. The herd of 400 have been milked once a day for almost 20 years and no antibiotics have been used for mastitis for 10 years meaning that herd health is exemplary across the board.The rich, nutrient dense milk is now being used to produce the UK’s first certified 100% grass fed cheddar cheese. The Ethical Dairy at Rainton Farm in Dumfries & Galloway have started a revolution, and it’s gaining momentum….Farmers David and Wilma Finlay have pioneered the first commercial scale “cow with calf” dairy farm in the UK. Since October 2016, all calves have stayed with their mothers for 5 to 6 months to suckle naturally. Cows are milked during that period, but only once each day. The whole approach is based around treating the animals, the land, our environment and the people on the farm with respect and kindness. Certified Pasture for Life and Organic.

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