Pasture Raised Organic Tamworth Ribeye Steak (bone-in)



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The pigs at Horton House play an integral role in the management of the pasture across the farm. These magnificent Tamworths graze ahead of the cattle, foraging in the herbal pastures for the nutrition they require, while carrying out important jobs like fertilising the soil and rooting out any unwanted plant species such as thistles. They also drink the waste milk from the dairy, which feeds through to the meat and fat as a creamy and indulgent eating experience…... Jonny Rider is working with a small group of progressive farmers trialling whether pigs can thrive entirely on pasture, without any supplementary feed at all. The signs are promising, so watch this space!

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Horton House Organic Farm says

Three generations of the Rider family have been rotational grazing on these extensive organic pastures, rich with a mix of grass species and herbal leys. Alongside the cows the sheep and pigs are integral for managing the pasture, encouraging rare species of wildflowers and butterflies by grazing in rotation.


Organic Pastured Pork

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Keep in original packaging & refrigerate. Remove from packaging & rest at room temperature before cooking.

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Minimum 3 days

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