Made by hand, this organic slightly salted butter is slowly churned from cream and then patted by hand using traditional wooden pats. This versatile, natural fat is an absolute kitchen essential, giving flavour and texture to everything from cakes to sauces to sautéed vegetables.

Produced in:Somerset


Ivy House Farm Dairy says:

At Ivy House Farm we love each of our 120 cows dearly. Every cow has been born and raised on the farm and each live a long and happy life with us. Each of the cows will live to around 10 years of age (in contrast to intensive farming where cows will

Storage Information

Keep refrigerated.

Organic Jersey Cream Butter (Salted)

1 Block (250g), £13.00/kg


Meet Ivy House Farm Dairy

‘We love Farmdrop because it gets good food to busy people.’­

Geoff Bowles, Ivy House Farm
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