Pasture Raised Kid Diced



  • Grass fed
  • Farmdrop recommends
  • Local
  • Dry aged


The dice is a mix of neck, breast, shoulder and leg! We do it so it a nice mix of flavour/texture and some ‘fat’ from the breast. We can honestly say that no other than the Hollywood Super Star Orlando Bloom ate and enjoyed our Kid Meat when we featured on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast!

Best for: slow cooking

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Just Kidding says

Only when Jamie decided to feature kid (young goat meat) in his latest series of Friday Night Feast did many realise they knew very little about the world's most widely eaten meat. As with any dairy, the animal being milked must be reproducing in order to keep the milk flowing. As males and females are born in equal quantities, the boys born to a milking nanny are largely unwanted. This is a sad fact of the dairy industry, and usually sees young males killed within hours of being born. We don't believe that and so are giving them a purpose.

These happy kids come to our farm in the Cotswolds for a pasture-based living. They are truly free-range, with access to pasture 24-hours-a-day and indoor shelter to sleep in when they choose. At somewhere between six and nine months, before they mature into goats, the kids are taken to a small local abattoir 25 miles from our farm (Broomhalls) where they are humanely slaughtered in small batches.

From time to time this product will have been frozen and so cannot be refrozen on delivery. This is allow for all round availability of a product that is produced in small batches. Freezing is natures best way of preserving food. For centuries food was stored with either salt or ice, holding in all of the key nutrients and never wasting a thing

Hung on the hook for 7 days

Storage Information

Keep in original packaging & refrigerate. Remove from packaging & rest at room temperature before cooking.

Shelf Life

Minimum 3 days

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