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Pasture Raised Kid Shank
Pasture Raised Kid Shank
Pasture Raised Kid Shank
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We can honestly say that no other than the Hollywood Super Star Orlando Bloom ate and enjoyed our Kid Meat when we featured on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast!

Produced in:Cotswolds


Just Kidding says:

Only when Jamie decided to feature kid (young goat meat) in his latest series of Friday Night Feast did many realise they knew very little about the world's most widely eaten meat. As with any dairy, the animal being milked must be reproducing in ord

Storage Information

Keep in original packaging & refrigerate. Remove from packaging & rest at room temperature before cooking.

Shelf Life

Minimum 3 days

Pasture Raised Kid Shank

1 Shank (320g), £23.43/kg

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Meet Just Kidding

Five years ago, the UK’s first commercial outdoor-reared billy goat farm came to life. There were no guidelines. No government support

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