Rye Fries



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A delicious rye snack. They have a malty, deep flavour, a salty crust with a pinch of garlic and a chewy interior - you'll find it hard to stop eating them. Great with beer.

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Karaway Bakery says

We're a family- run award winning bakery that specialises in rye bread, many of our recipes originating from the Baltics & Russia.


Mixed Rye Bread Croutons [Rye flour, wheat flour, water, sugar, fresh yeast, salt, rye malt powder [roasted rye grains], barley malt extract [ barley malt, water], caraway seeds, sunflower seeds, potato, sesame), Rapeseed Oil, Dried Garlic Granules, Salt.

Allergy Advice

It contains: Gluten, Sesame seeds

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