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Lina Stores says

Ricotta (literally re-cooked) is a fresh unripened cheese obtained from the serum (whey) that comes out after the coagulation process, combined with a small amount of milk. Its name (from Latin "recoctus") refers to its preparation process, which entails the whey being re-cooked a second time. For a long time, whey was thought to be a residue of the milk. Today it is defined as the noble protein of milk, with the highest nutritional value and lowest content of fat.

Ricotta has a soft and smooth texture and a very delicate flavour.

Italians enjoy this product with pasta, with spinach in a pie or meatballs or eaten straight off of a spoon with a drop of golden honey!


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Meet Lina Stores

Soho, London

Lina Stores, named after its founder Lina from Genoa, Italy, first opened its doors in Soho in 1944 and is now one of London’s most popular Italian delicatessens and restaurants with three locations in Soho and King’s Cross. Founded over 77 years ago, Lina Stores has become known for high-quality, authentic Italian produce for both homesick Italians and Londoners alike. Known for its fresh, handmade pasta, cured meats, cheeses, homemade desserts, antipasti and much more, it has become a real London institution over the years. Always respecting traditional recipes while creative innovative dishes, Lina Stores has become an indispensable part of London’s food scene. Guests can enjoy Italian food and drinks in the restaurants or take away the ingredients from the delicatessens to recreate their Italian feast at home. Alternatively, guests can order online for nationwide delivery which allows for quick, easy and seamless deliveries straight to the front door. Lina Stores uses the highest quality artisanal products from trusted Italian partners, many of whom have been supplying the original delicatessen on Brewer Street for decades to celebrate the best that Italy has to offer.

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