Organic Eggs (Mixed)


  • Organic
  • Plastic-free


We firmly believe that the happiest of hens produce the most delicious eggs. Our eggs are produced to Soil Association standards. Our hens live in flocks with spacious shelters and during the day they have free access to meadowland and woodland - their natural habitat.

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Maple Farm Kelsale says

We have a number of breeds, each chosen for the quality of their eggs as well as their temperament - Black Rocks, Cuivree, Silverlinks and Bard Rocks.

Where do they roam? Our hens have the right to roam our organic meadows and woodland. The meadowland is planted with a variety of grasses and deep-rooting herbs. This mixture ensures that they can find a perfectly balanced diet. It also ensures that they stay healthy.

What do they eat ? Our hens find some of their diet naturally on their travels. We supplement this with our own feeding programme: the farm has its own roller-mill which allows us to mill our home-grown peas and wheat to make feed for our hens. We think that this home-grown feed makes our organic eggs taste even better.

Storage Information

Best to keep these eggs cool (around 10°C). If you refrigerate allow 30mins before you use them

Shelf Life

Minimum 14 days

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