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Marsh Pig says

All my favourite bits in one packet. Fennel Salami, Red wine and black pepper, Lomo and Bresaola, enough for 2 to share or one person having a greedy feast. Take a look below for the ingredients of each.


Fennel salami - free range pork (95.56%), salt, black pepper, dextrose, red wine (**sulphite**), fennel seeds, garlic, preservative: sodium nitrate. Red wine and black pepper salami – free range pork (95.1%), salt, black pepper, red wine (**sulphite**), garlic, fennel seeds, dextrose, preservative: sodium nitrite. Lomo - free range pork (95.87%), salt, dextrose, black pepper, sweet smoked paprika, garlic, preservative: sodium nitrite. Bresaola – British beef (94.6%), salt, dextrose, rosemary, thyme, juniper berry, preservative: sodium nitrite.

Allergy Advice

It contains: Sulphites

Meet Marsh Pig

Norfolk, UK

At Marsh Pig, we pride ourselves on the very finest quality cured meats, British Salamis, and British Chorizos. We believe that with the highest standard welfare of Livestock, always British, always free range, combined with the finest quality ingredients, makes for exceptional standards in British Charcuterie, which we know will mean you will never want to buy from a supermarket again. Our catalogue of products ranges across all stages of the charcuterie process from Bacon & Pancetta Home Curing Kits, allowing you be in control of the curing process, to high quality products that are ready to eat. Our British Salami and British Chorizo contain less fat than others, typically salami contains between 40-60% fat, at Marsh Pig we only add 15%, so you are not left with a greasy after taste. We are confident that you will fall in love with all of the Marsh Pig products, as they have been lovingly and carefully hand produced. Delivered to you right from the heart of our highly trained Charcuterie experts. Whether you are looking to learn more about curing through one of our one day Curing & Smoking courses or simply to indulge in some of the finest British Salami’s, British Chorizo’s, British Bresaola, British Lomo and British Beef Jerky, Marsh Pig cannot be beaten. Cured from only the most exquisite cuts of Free range British Pork and British Beef, we know you will not be disappointed.

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