Best of the Season
Pesticide-free Organic

Creamy flesh, crisp, juicy and sweet. Grown by the organic apple gurus at Mole End Farm in Kent.

Produced in:Kent


Mole End Farm says:

We grow around 20 varieties of organic apples over 150 acres of orchards in Kent.

Class 2 - this means they may vary in size, shape & colour - but with no compromise on taste!


Organic Cox Royale Apples

Mole End Farm

5 Apples (min. 700g), 3.93/kg


Meet Mole End Farm

Kent, UK

Paul Ward and his team have been growing top fruit organically at Mole End Farm since 1994. In the last two decades they have expanded their orchards and now grow on approximately 150 acres across 4 sites in Kent (Cranbrook, Marden, Goudhurst and Chart Sutton). Mole End Farm's principal aim is to build a truly ethical and sustainable long-term business, producing high quality food in a fully sustainable manner with the absolute minimum impact on the surrounding environment. They grow at least 20 varieties of apples (including Discovery, Russet, Gala, Cox Royale, Spartan, Blaze & Bramley) and 4 varieties of pears (Conference, Comice, Williams & Josephine).

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