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El Salvador, Malacara A (Wholebean)

Wholebean (250g)



Showing availability for delivery on Sunday 24th October

  • Dairy-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free


• Tastes like: Mandarins + Praline •

• Roast: Light to Medium Roast

• Process: Washed

• Varietal: Red Bourbon

• Origin: Apaneca-Ilamatepec, El Salvador

Produced in:

El Salvador (Roasted in London)

Monmouth Coffee says

Malacara translates as ‘bad face’ which is an incongruous name for such a wonderful farm. Finca Malacara was established by Rafael Alvarez Lalinde. Coffee has been grown on this farm since the 1800s and it has been owned and managed by the Alvarez family since 1889. As the farm has been passed down through three generations it has been separated into three farms, Malacara A, B and C. José Guillermo Alvarez Prunera and Maria Alvarez De Murray have had a difficult time dealing with a severe attack of Coffee Rust Disease (a fungus which attacks the foliage) which meant that an equally severe pruning regime was implemented, and they lost a good portion of their crop for a few years. In some cases, José Guillermo and Maria have re-introduced a traditional pruning and training technique on the trees called Agobio Parras. Using this method, the main tree stem is bent past 45 degrees (to nearly horizontal) and fixed into the soil with an old branch shaped like a hook. From the upper side of the bent stem, new branches grow and one to several of these are selected for the future growth. The tree will now have more than three main stems from which the future new crops will develop. After some years of production, but before the yield starts to decline substantially, the stems are stumped, and new off-shoots establish themselves. From these new off-shoots, new stems will once again be selected, and the method will be applied again.

Over the last couple of years José Guillermo and María de los Angeles have invested in a program of improvement based on data analysis from more use of technology. Each part of the farm is now mapped and separated by altitude, varietals, soil analysis including ph and macro-nutrients, and collective leaf canopy variation. All the information helps establish a nutrition plan for each tree and plot, reveal any areas of concern, and helps identify plants that need more help.


Wholebean Coffee


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Meet Monmouth Coffee


We roast coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives. When we taste a coffee that we like, we want to know where it comes from and who grows, picks and processes it. We travel extensively throughout the year, visiting the producers and cooperatives with whom we currently work and looking for interesting varietals of coffee and new farms from which to buy. During these visits we talk to farmers and cooperative members, learning more about the coffee they grow and process and the challenges that they face. We then look to establish a relationship with the grower and exporter of that coffee. We believe that where such a relationship exists, quality, quantity and price requirements can be discussed in an open and equal way. We see this as sustainable, fair and equal trade.

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