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We have nurtured some specially selected and dedicated kefir grains and grown them in goats milk all year. After lots of fermentations we have developed a recipe for a super tasty goats milk kefir. We hope you will love it!


Nourish Kefir says:

Most importantly is packed full of the good gut friendly bacteria and enzymes that you only find in kefir made from real kefir grains! Nourish Goats kefir tastes a bit different to cows milk kefir; as it’s more runny and slightly tangy, but rather m

Goat's Kefir Drink

1 Bottle (500ml), £6.40/l


Meet Nourish Kefir

You won't find added sugar, additives, thickener or preservatives in our drinks. We always use fresh whole milks which are the

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