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Nourish Kefir drinks are lovingly made at our dairy in small batches, to a traditional recipe of fermenting live organic kefir grains with fresh, organic, British whole cow’s milk. The result is a refreshingly delicious, slightly tangy, sugar-free, gluten, preservative and additive free yoghurt drink!


Nourish Kefir says:

Nourish Kefir is perfect just as it is, as a drink at the start or the end the day. It’s also quite versatile and kefir is also really tasty poured over muesli or granola as the tang of the kefir complements the sweetness of dried fruits.

Organic Kefir Probiotic Whole Milk Drink

1 Bottle (250ml), £9.20/l


Meet Nourish Kefir

You won't find added sugar, additives, thickener or preservatives in our drinks. We always use fresh whole milks which are the

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