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Organic Seville Oranges have a thick, dimpled skin with a very tart and bitter flavour. They are perfect for making your homemade marmalade as have higher pectin levels than sweet oranges.

Produced in:Spain


Langridge Organic says:

These oranges are grown on Ave Maria organic farm in Seville, by three women dedicated to maintaining the orchards dating back to 1867. There is a long history of exporting Seville oranges to the UK, as this is a crucial ingredient in the very Britis

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Storage Information

Keep in a cool place, or in the fridge.


Organic Seville Oranges (For Marmalade)

Langridge Organic

1 Bag (min. 1kg), 3.10/kg


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Langridge Organic works with specialist growers from around the UK, Europe & the rest of the world operating a local buying policy: "We always source from the closest possible producer providing they meet with the quality standards our customers expect.” In time with more local customers, farmers will be able to grow a broader local range - ok, maybe not bananas, but more varieties at more times of the year, all produced closer to you.

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