Wild Mallard Duck Breasts (Buckhurst Organic Park)


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Wild ducks, like all game birds, naturally have less fat than farmed animals as a result of their diet and active lives. For this reason, the second rule for wild duck is to be careful not to overcook it. Perfectly cooked wild duck is juicy and tender. Overcooked wild duck, on the other hand, can be tough and dry so keep a close eye on the clock during cooking.

Wild duck can be enjoyed from September until 20th February. This duck may come frozen depending on the number of duck shot. Freezing is the best preservative so it will still taste delicious!

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Park Farm says

All our duck are from Buckhurst Park. This is a large organic estate in the heart of Sussex bordering with Ashdown Forest. The duck roam freely across the estate with such a wide variety of food to forage on, guaranteeing the best natural flavours

Storage Information

Keep in original packaging & refrigerate. Remove from packaging & rest at room temperature before cooking.

Shelf Life

Minimum 3 days

Cooking Instructions

Wild duck is beautiful roasted whole in a hot oven. Preheat your oven to the temperature and pat your duck dry using kitchen paper. Prick the skin and season well with salt and pepper. For crispier skin, brown the duck in oil or duck fat in a hot frying pan before roasting. Otherwise, brush the duck with olive oil before placing it in your roasting tin. A mallard will roast in around 30 minutes or less and need between 5 and 15 minutes resting time, while a teal will cook in about 10 minutes with 10 minutes resting time. Check wild duck towards the end of its cooking time: the juices should still run red and the meat should be pink.

Meet Park Farm

Hawkhurst, Kent

Andy Clarke believes in low-­intensity farming, rearing his herd of Sussex cows and Romney sheep on traditional grasses – a slow method which works to create tasty, healthy meat. Low intensity, however, doesn’t mean less toil, and Andy and his son William work long but enjoyable days on Park Farm outside the small, friendly village of Hawkhurst in Kent. As well as the cows and sheep – all bred and nurtured by the family – Andy buy in Gloucester Old Spot Weaner pigs from neighbouring producers and give them free run of the farm’s roomy paddocks. Much of the rest of the farm is dedicated to environmental schemes, with hedgerow management and 30 acres of wildflower meadows, where vetch, clover and ox eye daisies provide a colourful home for bees and insects in the spring and summer. There is also a patch of ungrazed grass given over to owls from the neighbouring woodland. “We don’t cut the fields for hay until very late in summer to let everything go through its process of life,” says Andy. On long summer evenings Andy loves to light a barbecue on the farm, cooking his home ­produced burgers and sausages, and relaxing as the sun goes down. >*‘I love Farmdrop because it’s an easy way for people to be able to buy good, honest food.’* **Andy Clarke, Park Farm** ● Park Farm is part of the Farm Assurance Scheme, which supports farms that work with the local ecosystem ● Regular award winners at Cattle Shows and in South East club competitions

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