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Wild Rabbit is a well-flavoured, delicate meat, but it does have a tendency to dryness. Stews and casseroles are therefore among the best preparations: always brown the meat first, tossed in a little flour if you want to thicken the gravy, then put in a pot with a few sliced vegetables (try carrots, onions and celery), a bay leaf, sprig of thyme, some peppercorns. Water or stock, combined with wine or beer, can be used as a cooking liquid. Simmer for about an hour, until the meat is flaking off the bone

Serves:Average weight 600g
Produced in:Kent


Park Farm says:

These rabbits are shot on either our farm or local surrounding farms in Kent

Storage Information

Keep in original packaging & refrigerate. Remove from packaging & rest at room temperature before cooking.

Shelf Life

Minimum 2 days

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