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PROUD Beer says

PROUD Beer are the UK's first queer beer, and they're starting a revolution. Not only does 20p from every sale of PROUD Beer go to their LGBTQ charity partners (Diversity Role Models, The LGBTQ Foundation and the Terrence Higgins Trust) but they make a damn tasty beer.

Dubbed an "LGBTQIPA" it's made from proper Yorkshire water, local malt, New World Hops and some wheat. It's light and just a little bit crafty.

It's the perfect marriage of queer activism, charity and BEER! Take a sip and join the queer beer revolution.

Meet PROUD Beer


We wear our rainbow with pride, not for effect. We celebrate queerness all year round (not just Pride month) We give back to our community to build ourselves together. PROUD has our community in it's heart and soul. Every time you choose our LGBTQIPA, you send a direct donation of 20p to our charity partners. No percentage of profits, no corporate jargon. It's simple yet powerful.

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