Gluten Free Italian Sourdough
Gluten Free Italian Sourdough

A mild and delicious everyday bread made with gluten free oats.

Produced in:Peckham


The Gluten Free Bakery says:

All​ ​our​ ​products​ ​are​ ​free​ ​from​ ​the​ ​14​ ​major​ ​allergens,​ ​suitable​ ​for​ ​vegans,​ ​as​ ​well​ ​as those​ ​with​ ​a​ ​wide​ ​variety​ ​of​ ​dietary​ ​needs.​ ​All​ ​products​ ​are​ ​refined​ ​sugar​ ​free. Everything​ ​is​ ​handmade


water, brown rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour (modified), sorghum flour, gluten free oat flour, stabiliser, sourdough starter (3%), salt, xanthan gum, pineapple juice powder, coconut sugar

Gluten Free Italian Sourdough



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