Not your ordinary Mac & Cheese – our ethos at Ratatouie is to eat well, grow strong and live more.

Produced in:London, UK.


Ratatouïe says:

Therefore, we take pride in making healthier version of our nation’s favourites. This veg-enriched retake has not lost one bit of creamy, cheesy goodness despite containing a whopping 4 times more veg than it does pasta. And those are all blitzed to


Organic whole-wheat pasta (gluten), organic milk (cow’s milk), cheddar cheese (cow’s milk), broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, leeks, spinach, garlic, vegetable stock (celery), bay leaf, pepper. ALLERGENS: see ingredients in bold

Storage Information

Refrigerated < 5C until use by date - THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE FROZEN.

Shelf Life

Minimum 1 days

Cooking Instructions

Always reheat till piping hot throughout- Pan or Microwave 800W for 2mn – Stir well - Cool down before enjoying.

Supercharged Mac & Cheese - Child Size

1 Child (~200g), £25.50/kg


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