Not your ordinary Lasagna – our ethos at Ratatouie is to eat well, grow strong and live more.

Produced in:London


Ratatouïe says:

Therefore, we take pride in making healthier version of our nation’s favourites. This lasagna comes with tons of tomatoes off course but also plenty of courgettes and carrots (cut in tiny bits to blend in the beef mince). The béchamel is much lighter


Organic tomatoes, organic spelt pasta (gluten), grass-fed organic beef, organic carrots, organic courgettes, organic spinach, tomato paste, vegetable stock (celery), organic wheat flour (gluten), oat drink (oat, water, salt), smoked turkey, organic butter (milk), cheddar cheese (milk), organic onions, garlic, herbs, bicarbonate of soda, olive oil, salt, black pepper.

Storage Information

Keep refrigerated < 5C until use-by-date. THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE FROZEN.

Shelf Life

Minimum 1 days

Cooking Instructions

Cover with foil and cook in hot oven at 190C for 30 to 40 minutes.

Veg-packed Beef Lasagne - Child Size

1 Child (~200g), £25.50/kg


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