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Country: France

"Delicate bubbles refreshing your palate, light and aromatic elderflower on the nose, well-balanced acidity ; a perfect taste of summer and best served straight out the ice bucket." - Lucy, Wine Buyer

Dry, fruity and floral. A generous nose that opens to a fresh and crisp aroma is followed by a light, refreshing taste, underpinned by soft tannins that aid the lingering delight. This wine works well on its own or paired with canapes, nuts, olives, oysters, salmon or hard cheeses.

Produced in:Sussex


Renegade & Longton says:

A British sparkling wine made in the traditional style with fermented elderflowers as opposed to grapes! Our original experiment showed that when it comes to sparkling wines, grapes aren’t always best. Introducing Renegade & Longton’s elderflower spa

Storage Information

Store in a cool dry place

Elderflower Pure Sparkling Wine - Case

6 Bottles

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Meet Renegade & Longton

Renegade & Longton’s aim is to revolutionise people's perception of sparkling wine!

A few years ago, Brendan and his brother used

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