Revenant Sparkling Dry Cider


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ABV - 4.5 %

Nine months after Revenant extract the juice from their Herefordshire apples, most would consider it ready. But they prefer to wait a little longer – until it’s right. The two years they wait means the nose is stronger, the taste more refined, the finish more refreshing.

The resulting cider is one that's dry with a touch of sweetness. Crisp, yet slightly floral. Long, tart and delicately carbonated.

Serve it chilled, always. A fluted beer or wine glass, preferably. With food, ideally.

Revenant says

Revenant cider is made at Celtic Marches cidery in Herefordshire. This cidery was chosen due to its ability to deliver the kind of flavour experience the founders were looking for, in consistent and commercial quantities whilst still being an authentic craft cidery. Celtic Marches is a family owned, self-sustaining cider producer, owning 200 acres of apple orchards in Herefordshire where they only grow 100% Herefordshire apples. Celtic Marches have recently been awarded PGI (Protected Geographical Indicator) which authenticates their ciders are genuine Herefordshire ciders made from Herefordshire cider apples. The South facing slopes in Frome Valley produce fantastic cider apples which use a blend of Dabinett, Michelin, Harry Masters, Three Counties and Yarlington Mill to make our cider. During harvest time, at the end of September, the fallen apples are collected and moved from the orchards to the farm. Here, they are weighed, washed and sorted before they travel along to our press. The juice is extracted and stored for around two years to reach its full potential. Although the cider base can be used after 9 months, we prefer to leave it longer to bring out the nose. Pomace left over from pressing is given to other local farms to feed livestock. when the juice has fermented, we then blend it to our specific recipe. Each batch is tested in the onsite lab to ensure quality, consistency and great taste. It is then packaged ready to be enjoyed.

Meet Revenant


We spoke to everyone. Industrial factory workers, farmers, taxi drivers. Anyone who could talk to us about the beers they drank and the reasons why. We consumed lots and learnt more. But just as importantly, it had reignited a sense of adventure in all of us. It was whilst roaming the streets of Hanoi that we decided to set out on an adventure of our own. We believed the cider market was in need of something new. Not dry, flat and fusty. Not fruity, fizzy and sugary. Instead, a cider that played outside of its traditional territories. One that appealed to those willing to take a risk on something a little different. And different requires patience. After we extract the juice from our Herefordshire apples, instead of waiting the nine months most would deem satisfactory, we wait two years. It means the nose is stronger, the taste more refined and the finish more refreshing. The result is a cider that's dry with a touch of sweetness. Crisp, yet slightly floral. Long, tart and delicately carbonated. An ideal alternative to the common aperitif and perfect alongside food, Revenant is a new cider for the new cider drinker.

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