A delicious white bloomer, great simply with butter or perfect for chicken sandwiches.

Produced in:East London


Rinkoff Bakery says:

Hand made in East London, we have been producing our speciality bread, cakes and rolls for over 100 years.


Plain white flour, water, A.V. Bread Fat, Vegetable oil (rapeseed), chelating agent (E330), salt, yeast, Full Fat Soya Flour, A.V. Bread Improver, emulsifier (E472e), vegetable oil, poppy seeds, flour treatment agent (E300).

Allergy Advice

It contains: Gluten, Soya

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry place.

White Bloomer (Thick Cut)

1 Loaf (~800g), £2.75/kg


Meet Rinkoff Bakery

Famed for the creation of London's first crodough (using their 100 year old family croissant dough recipe), this family-run Whitechapel bakery

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