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Organic Chicken Breasts (Skinless)



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Our birds enjoy a relaxed and natural upbringing with acres and acres of luscious Devon pastures free of any pesticides to roam across and forage. A wholesome diet of insects and grubs hiding in the ground and meadow grasses and herbs are supplemented by GM free organic corn to ensure that the birds are kept healthy, especially during the colder months. They are kept in small flocks of no more than 1,000 chickens. To put this in perspective, intensively-reared meat birds are commonly housed in groups of up to 30,000 in a shed!



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Ruffle Organic Chicken says

We use a slow growing breed that we kill here on the farm at around 71 days. On farm slaughter give us total control and traceability and it is also proven that for the animal it is the least stressful and humane way of slaughter

Storage Information and Shelf-life

Keep refrigerated.

Shelf Life

Minimum 3 days

Cooking Instructions

These are different to Supermarket Chicken Breasts! They have a much more dense texture (due to bird developing more muscle as it ranges extensively across pastures) and t a darker colour and superior gamey taste. Tips for cooking the perfect chicken: - Bring chicken up to room temperature before cooking (keep out of the fridge for 30 minutes before) - Always rest chicken for 5 minutes after cooking - As it’s such a lean cut, you can’t afford to overcook it - keep an eye on it like you would a steak - Bash the chicken to flatten slightly - this will tenderise the meat and ensure that it cooks evenly throughout without going dry Pan fry whole - Bash the breast with a rolling pin or your palm so that it is the same thickness throughout. Season on both sides - Heat 1 tsp oil on a medium heat in a deep frying pan. Brown the chicken breast for a minute on each side, cover with a lid and cook on a low heat for 12 minutes until the juices run clear. Oven bake - Bash the breast so that it is the same thickness throughout. Season on both sides and place in an oiled/ buttered baking tray. Rub a piece of baking paper with oil or butter then place fat side down onto the chicken, tucking the sides around to create a pocket - Cook at 200C for around 18 minutes until the juices run clear - Leave to stand for 5 minutes Stir fry - Bash the chicken so that it is the same thickness throughout - Slice into 1 cm/ inch thick strips against the grain (look for the long lines going down the breast and cut the opposite way) - Fry on a medium/ high heat for around 5 minutes, stirring constantly to ensure even cooking all over.


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Meet Ruffle Organic Chicken


Chris and his family have been tending and nurturing their organic, free range chickens to the highest standards since 2002 on their farm in the beautiful Devon Countryside. After a stint in the corporate world, followed by a taste of farming by running a dedicated egg packing business, Chris took a leap of faith and joined a long family tradition of self-employment and decided to set up his own organic chicken rearing business in 2002. Initially Chris worked very closely with a large family run chicken processing business until he decided to go solo, build up his own organic poultry business and eventually branch out into processing his own poultry by building his own abattoir close to the family farm. Our chickens are grown slowly and naturally to 10 weeks. Because we are small scale we can take the time to look after our birds and ensure high standards of animal welfare at all stages of their growing and processing cycle. Chris’s passion for what he does extends to how the birds are processed. To maintain and ensure the high levels of care and welfare through to the delicious meat you put on your plate, he decided to build his own abattoir in 2012. All processes at the factory are constantly monitored and audited both internally and externally by the Food Standards Agency and our customers. Our chicken are raised to exacting standards that comply with Organic Farmers & Growers and Soil Association accreditation. We strongly believe in our values, ethics, farming methods and animal welfare. By being organic we are also conserving and bettering our land and environment. We plant trees for shade, and areas for the chicken to explore and to encourage wildlife and insects. We recycle the chicken dung to local organic farmers for their land. We land share with other farmers allowing them to grow whole crop for their dairy cattle. Our processing unit is also ‘run by the sun’; solar panels provide our electricity and rainwater is harvested for use in the factory.

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