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Dogfish (Bone in)

1 Pack (~400g)



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Though widely eaten in the Mediterranean, the dogfish is commercially worthless in the UK, and we attribute much of this to the difficulty in processing the tough, abrasive skin. We stress that our fishers don’t actively target dogfish, but if they catch them, we pay a fair price for them, and painstakingly process each one by hand, to create a nutritious and delicious fillet of fish.

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Sole of Discretion says

World-wide sharks are being removed from our seas at an alarming rate. Sharks are slow growing, long-lived with low reproduction. Finning is perhaps the most damaging and distasteful of all shark fisheries. The process is cruel and wasteful, involving the removal and retention of fins, while the rest of the shark, is discarded, often still alive, to drown or be eaten. Finning takes place all over the world (including Europe) to feed the continual and increasing demand for sharkfin soup. Smoothhound and the lesser-spotted dogfish are the two species that our fishers catch.

Smoothhound is one of few shark species whose numbers appear to be stable at present. Unlike many similar sharks, their relatively high productivity means that there is potential for this species to be harvested sustainably. However, data is lacking on their biology and level of fishing on the species, which makes it difficult to manage them effectively.

The Lesser Spotted Dogfish ‘mermaid purse’ eggcases are found in large numbers throughout the UK and Ireland. Perhaps one of the most abundant sharks in the UK, it is often considered a nuisance by commercial fishermen and anglers, and ends up as pot or creel bait.

The Squalus acanthias (Rock salmon) and Scyliorhinus stellaris (Nursehound) are not species we buy as these are both vulnerable to over fishing and are ‘Red’ rated by the IUCN as ‘near threatened’.

Storage Information and Shelf-life

Keep refrigerated.

Shelf Life

Minimum 4 days

Nutritional Information

Typical valuesper 100g
of which saturates0.7g

Cooking Instructions

Deep fried in beer batter has to be the way to go in the UK – ‘rock salmon’ was once a firm favourite in every chippy. Because of its delicious cartilage (shark cartilage is said to reduce symptoms of painful joint conditions, especially arthritis), dogfish also work really well in fish stews or chowder, with the cartilage creating a gelatinous liquid, and the flesh remaining firm and meaty. Diced in kebabs on the summer BBQ also works really well.


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Meet Sole of Discretion


We provide the ability for the fishers to land, process and sell their own fish, offering full traceability through the supply chain - a first in the UK. By working only with small-scale boats of under 10ms in length, there is significantly less damage to the marine environment than from the large trawlers. The fishers are paid a fair price, agreed in advance - thereby creating a market mechanism for rewarding those fishers doing the least damage to the environment. Our fishers land late in an evening, or early in the morning, we pack and process during the day usually into 300gm fillet packs, and put the fish on the Intercity train to Farmdrop customers in London for same-day delivery. It’s hard to beat that freshness, and because we use only static nets or hand liners, the quality is unbeatable. We trace back to each boat, and all our retail packs state the name of the fisher and method of catch. We also blast freeze our fish - this is an integral part of our ethos: the small-scale fishers are often unable to get out in poor weather, so in order to meet customer demand and be able to continuously supply, we sell their fish frozen when they are not able to get out to sea. In blind tastings, blast frozen, freshly landed fish tasted really good compared to fresh fish that is a few days old, in fact, many people preferred the frozen! We have recently been audited by the Soil Association, and are the UK’s first wild fishery permitted to use their logo. We also work with Exeter University’s marine biology department to help verify the science behind what we do, and videos and links to their research is publicly available.

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