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Fresh Mussels - River Teign

1 Bag (~1kg)



Showing availability for delivery on Thursday 2nd December

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River Teign Shellfish are a family run business, led by a father and son team. With over 40 years experience, our team work the River Teign, harvesting quality shellfish that can be found in the best restaurants and eateries across the UK.

Many of the methods used to farm our quality shellfish haven't changed in decades, however, whilst we have many years experience in the industry, we are anything but stuck in our ways.

We are constantly researching methods to increase our production whilst maintaining an ecological balance. This is something which the company believe is crucial to a sustainable future for the industry, you could say we are anything but 'shellfish'!

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Sole of Discretion says

  1. Are the mussels alive? Yes, they have been flushed with oxygen and sealed .

  2. How do I look after them? Leave them in the pack until you are ready to cook them. Do not soak them in water as they might die from lack of oxygen. Open the pack, wash them off, make sure they all close and then cook.

  3. When I opened my pack, the mussels were open and wouldn’t close. Are they dead? When you first get the pack out of the fridge, the mussels are very cold and might have “shut down”. Wash them off, but don’t leave them in water, and leave them for a few minutes.. Once the mussels come up to room temperature, they should close after you have given them a rinse off again and stirred them up vigorously with your hands.

  4. My mussel pack doesn’t look full. We use standard size packs for our mussels in order to produce 1 and 3 kilo packs. Sometimes, the packs are crammed full in order to get the correct weight in them as the mussels themselves are slightly lighter. During the autumn and winter, the mussels are heavier which means there are fewer in the packs – that can create a gap between the mussels and the film allowing the mussels to gape. Once they gape, customers regularly think they are dead but this is not the case. Take them out of the pack, wash them off and they will close.

  5. “Smelly” mussels During the spring and summer in particular, there is still a great deal of plankton (animal protein) and algae (plant protein) in the river. This is what the mussels feed on. Some water always escapes from the mussels and the proteins die, which can smell as there is no- where for the water to escape. This is not a health issue. My recommendation is to take them out of the packs and wash them off (this instruction is already on the pack). We would expect the mussels to then smell fine but if there is still an issue please get in touch.

  6. How long can I keep them? There is a “best before” date on the pack but this is really to give you a guide. If you want to use them after the best before date, just check that the mussels are still alive before you cook them. Do this by washing them off and checking that they close. If they don’t close they are probably dead, so don’t eat them.

  7. Can I freeze them? Not in the pack or in their shells. If you cook them and then take the mussels out of their shells you can freeze the meats.

  8. I have only used half of the pack – how long can I keep the rest for? Put the unused shellfish in a bowl in the fridge, without any water, and cover them with a clean, damp cloth. You can safely keep them for a couple of days like this. When you want to use them, rinse them off and check that they close. If they close, they are safe to eat. If they don’t, discard them.

Storage Information and Shelf-life

Keep refrigerated.

Shelf Life

Minimum 1 days


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Meet Sole of Discretion


We provide the ability for the fishers to land, process and sell their own fish, offering full traceability through the supply chain - a first in the UK. By working only with small-scale boats of under 10ms in length, there is significantly less damage to the marine environment than from the large trawlers. The fishers are paid a fair price, agreed in advance - thereby creating a market mechanism for rewarding those fishers doing the least damage to the environment. Our fishers land late in an evening, or early in the morning, we pack and process during the day usually into 300gm fillet packs, and put the fish on the Intercity train to Farmdrop customers in London for same-day delivery. It’s hard to beat that freshness, and because we use only static nets or hand liners, the quality is unbeatable. We trace back to each boat, and all our retail packs state the name of the fisher and method of catch. We also blast freeze our fish - this is an integral part of our ethos: the small-scale fishers are often unable to get out in poor weather, so in order to meet customer demand and be able to continuously supply, we sell their fish frozen when they are not able to get out to sea. In blind tastings, blast frozen, freshly landed fish tasted really good compared to fresh fish that is a few days old, in fact, many people preferred the frozen! We have recently been audited by the Soil Association, and are the UK’s first wild fishery permitted to use their logo. We also work with Exeter University’s marine biology department to help verify the science behind what we do, and videos and links to their research is publicly available.

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