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Albacore Tuna is caught off the coasts of Oregon and Washington using traditional hook & line methods that allow the fishermen from this long established fishers co-op to focus on quality.

Produced in:North Pacific


Sole of Discretion says:

We buy our albacore from Lars on the Aquvik, who fishes for a Cooperative owned by over 575 members fishing the waters of the North Pacific. Each member is a small boat hook & line fisherman and owner of the cooperative, and therefore receives the b

Storage Information

Keep in original packaging & refrigerate.

Shelf Life

Minimum 4 days

Cooking Instructions

With a very high oil content, albacore tuna is tasty raw and seared. Albacore tuna has a firm, beef steak type texture, with large flakes and a mild rich taste to it. It has a much lighter colour than yellowfin or bluefin tuna, ranging from a light beige to rosy pink in the raw state. It is also has the most omega-3 amongst the tunas. Our albacore is sashimi grade, but if you like grilled tuna you will love Albacore - for the best flavour cook a little pink in the centre.

Wild Albacore Tuna

2 Fillets (260g)


Meet Sole of Discretion

We provide the ability for the fishers to land, process and sell their own fish, offering full traceability through the supply

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