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Our large duck eggs are laid by white feathered Pekin ducks, which enjoy spending every day outside keeping themselves clean in their pond and grazing the lush grass they range across. Obtaining so much of their food each day through natural foraging and grazing ensures a vibrant coloured and full flavoured yolk. They are fed a GM free diet

Storage Information

Best to keep these eggs cool (around 10°C). If you refrigerate allow 30mins before you use them

Shelf Life

Minimum 14 days

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In the heart of the rolling Wiltshire countryside, the Ashby family at Southview Farm run an extensive free range egg farm (geese, ducks and chickens), alongside a herd of native breed Sussex cows who graze across species rich pasture on the Neston Estate In 2016 Anthony and Susie Ashby joined the small family farm tucked away in the rolling Wiltshire countryside to begin a new venture of producing quality free range eggs.The farm is run focusing on extensive traditional methods of farming including sourcing the best feed, low stocking rates and providing all flocks of hens, ducks and geese with natural habitats such as woodland to encourage natural behaviours and increase roaming. All eggs are collected by hand from the nest boxes within hours of them being laid, and are graded and packed on site each day ready for delivering fresh to our customers. Our aim is to produce the highest quality of egg to our customers by ensuring the highest bird welfare and delivering our eggs "fresh from the nest box" for the best eating experience!

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