Pesticide-free Pasteurised Organic

Get up and go apple juice! A special blend of five organic apple varieties (Bramley, Red Windsor, Red Devils, Egremont Russet, and Red Falstaff) grown in our south-facing orchard, high in the Quantock Hills of Somerset. Sophisticated and refreshing


Stream Farm says:

All our apples are hand-picked by us and juiced at a nearby press. We use over 1kg of apples for each 750ml bottle, with absolutely no added sugars, water or concentrates. We would hate for anything to alter the wonderful taste of our organic apples!

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Red Falstaff, Bramley, Red Devil, Egremont Russet and Red Windsor Apples

Natural Organic Apple Juice

Stream Farm

1 Bottle (750ml)


Meet Stream Farm

Bridgewater, Somerset

Stream Farm are committed to supporting small-scale UK farmers, helping them and their families to earn a livelihood by starting their own businesses and producing food, water and juice of the highest quality.

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