Vegan Dairy-free

Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative made using Coconut Milk.

Produced in:France


The Coconut Collaborative says:

Coconut milk contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that supply a host of benefits to the human body. About a third of coconut flesh is fat (and about 92 per cent of this fat is technically classified as saturated) but it is mostly m

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Coconut Milk (71%), Coconut Water (24%), Cornflour, Potato Starch, Stabilizer (Pectin*), Non-dairy cultures (S.thermophilus + L.bulgaricus. Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis). *from fruit

Natural Coconut Yoghurt

The Coconut Collaborative

1 Pot (120g), 14.58/kg


Meet The Coconut Collaborative


The Coconut Collaborative was founded in 2014 by two guys on a mission to spread the coco-love far and wide by bringing together like-minded coconut companies, sharing delicious and surprising coconut treats with the world, and giving something back to the planet and its people...making some tasty yogurt along the way.

The Coconut Collaborative was created by James Averdieck, Founder of Gü and his business partner. A card-carrying disciple of the super-drupe, James believes that pleasure needn't be sacrificed in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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