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Dorset Dry Cured Back Bacon (Nitrate & Nitrite Free)

Oak Smoked (200g)



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A truly Nitrate and Nitrite free bacon. The smoky flavour of this bacon lends itself to many cooking applications. As this bacon is truly Nitrate and Nitrite free it won’t turn the usual pink colour in the pan but rest assured it’s delicious, crisps like a dream and is better for you!

Our bacon is dry cured by hand in very small batches. The bacon is cured in a simple mix of salt and muscavado sugar and then partially air dried for a week before gently smoking over smouldering oak chips. Our bacon is about as far as you can get from a a mass produced product. The dry curing, drying and smoking all help to remove excess moisture from the bacon helping it to crisp up beautifully in the pan.

The gentle curing and smoking processes bring out the innate flavours of the traditional breed British pork

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The Real Cure Co. says

With charcuterie the single most important ingredient is the meat. We are incredibly lucky to have a constant supply of Free-Range Gloucester Old Spots reared by our friend Naomi. Naomi has taken over her family farm near Blandford in Dorset and the majority of the pigs feed comprises rolled barley, harvested from the farm. The pigs are truly free range, outside for their whole lives and are finished gradually. This means that they put on muscle rather than fat.

Naomi started producing all of our pork 2 years ago and the impact it made on our products was immediate. The pork she produces is always dark and marbled with just the right amount of fat - light-years away from your pink supermarket pork. There's always a cut of two that seems to escape the curing process and end up back at our house!


Saddleback Pork Loin, Salt, Muscovado Sugar (Oak smoked)

Storage Information

Keep refrigerated

Shelf Life

Minimum 7 days


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Meet The Real Cure Co.


Founded in 2014 by James Smart, The Real Cure produces unique multi-award winning charcuterie using wild British deer and native breed pork. We believe that the highest standards of animal welfare produce the best tasting charcuterie, which means wild deer, free range pork and locally sourced ingredients. We handcraft our entire range, using processes such as smoking, curing, fermenting and air drying to produce small batches and truly stunning flavours. The deer we use enjoy a varied and natural diet and are specifically sourced from across the Dorset countryside. The venison salamis that we produce are not overly ‘gamey’ as we do not believe in hanging the meat for more than a week. Instead they are rich and flavourful and lend themselves to many applications. All three can be enjoyed as part of an antipasti or try the venison chorizo and pepperoni on pizza, in stews or grilled and roasted in seafood dishes. The pigs we use are free range and native breed which produces beautifully dark marbled meat with just the right proportion of fat. All of our products are made in the heart of the Dorset countryside on Hartgrove Farm – where we also run regular curing and smoking courses. Our range has picked up 5 Great Taste Awards and 2 Taste of The West Awards over the last 2 years.

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