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"...fantastic value 100% Tempranillo red wine. It's a great food wine with lots of character so perfect with a good mid-week roast chicken! P.S. If I tell you it's a natural wine I really hope this wont put you off! Try now and you won't regret it." - Lucy, Wine Buyer

  • Variety: 100% Tempranillo
  • Vintage: 2017
  • Country: Spain
  • Tasting Note: The wine has real character, all the juicy elements of Tempranillo, with no oak to mask its charm. It has a natural way about it but with no funkiness. Cherry-red, purplish, brilliant colour with primary notes of fresh fruit, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and violets with clean mineral tones from the granite, this little natural wine is phenomenal value.
  • ABV: 13.5%
  • Food Pairing: Roasted chicken, slow cooked roast shoulder of lamb with thyme or a salad of Canteloupe melon, chorizo and artichoke
  • Ageing Advice: Drink now to 2020
Produced in:Spain


The Wine Love says:

(MICRO)CLIMATE: Fresh climate due to Atlantic influence but also mediterrian influence. That creates great oscillations between day and night during ripening ensuring moderate alcohol and natural acid in the grapes.

TERROIR: Fertile soils betwe

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Storage Information

Store in a cool dry place

Gran Cerdo Rossa - Case

The Wine Love

6 Bottles

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Meet The Wine Love


12 years ago they began producing wines using Gonzalo’s family grapes in an old style underground bodega in Fuenmayor. They also use grapes from Olite in Navrra. They do not age wines in oak (too expensive to use barrels and to store wines) and they still sell grapes to other bodega in the area, so the best grapes are kept for Gran Cerdo.

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