English Cox Apples



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Bag of 6 apples.

Tythe Barn Farm says

The classic English apple, sweet with a complex flavour and delicious bite. We found the Tythe barn Cox's to be sweeter than any other we've tried.

Meet Tythe Barn Farm

Pershore, Worcestershire

The customer base for Tythe Barn is made up almost exclusively of chefs, caterers or wholesalers who supply the restaurant industry. Working with chefs rather than retailers gives Peter and Dan more freedom to experiment with the produce they grow. They can focus on seasonality, and grow a wider selection of produce than they might normally be able to do. Often developing new varieties collaboratively with their customers, Dan and Peter are at the forefront of restaurant menu innovation with regards to fresh produce. The quality is always excellent, with the crops grown for flavour and freshness above all, and we are excited to be able to share some of this with you.

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